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Drive efficiency and accountability by optimising your control and reporting

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Our cloud software solution, AiMS, is designed to provide real-time information to you and your team. It features a variety of functions that enable monitoring and reporting throughout your facilities. Take a look below at what AiMS can do for you, and get in touch to find out more:

  • AiMS is tailored for both facilities management managers and contractors. This gives the software a flexibility that isn’t present in other options. A mobile app allows real-time information to be accessed by contractors and information to be relayed back to managers. This information extends into project quotations and compliance monitoring to give a full life-cycle experience.
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing manual processes. AiMS manages paper trails, inputs data, sends invoices, and much more. It’s an end-to-end solution that optimises your entire organisational structure.
  • AiMS is based in the cloud. This provides security and allows your data to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Updates can be easily rolled out and you avoid the costs of an on-premise alternative.
  • The software is entirely bespoke. Save time and money by only implementing the features that you need. Custom permissions enable a hierarchical system to match your company. The entire solution is designed to match your brand.
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FM Managers software

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Documentation and audit
  • Annual Maintenance Planner
  • Real time job tracking
  • Budget control

Contractors software

  • Online job allocation
  • Realtime job tracking via the AiMS user app
  • Rapid invoicing
  • Customer window